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Human Genetics Society of Australasia (HGSA) - position statement for online DNA testing

Members of the Genioz research team: Jacqueline Savard (lead), Sylvia Metcalfe and Bronwyn Terrill were part of a working group to develop a position statement about online DNA testing on behalf of HGSA.

Read the position statement here


Click here to read our Genioz publication on Stage 1 of data collection: the focus groups

In the media

23rd Oct 2018 What do we need to know about online genetic testing?

Professor Sylvia Metcalfe and Chriselle Hickerton were interviewed by Catriona May for a University of Melbourne Pursuit article about online DNA testing. Read it here

Does big Pharma have a place in DNA testing?

Jacqueline Savard was interviewed on 2SER 107.3 about what can happen with your DNA information once you have had an online DNA test. You can listen to it here

Monday Lunch Live

Sylvia Metcalfe Presented: 

Australian's perspective of Personal Genomic testing 

Findings from the Genioz study. At the Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre, 2018

To accompany the Monday Lunch Live presentation, Sylvia was interviewed by Libbi Gorr on the ABC radio progam, Sundays

DNA tests - crystal ball or Pandora's box?

Have a listen to Nadia Mitsopoulis (ABC Radio Perth, Focus) in March 2018, talking about things to think about before getting a personal genomic test and who owns your DNA after a test. Professor Sylvia Metcalfe is one of the interviewees. Listen here

Chapter in 'Genes for Life', on Personal genomic testing

Professor Sylvia Metcalfe wrote a chapter for a recently published book, "Genes for Life'

Metcalfe SA. Personal genomic testing, in Genes for Life, Eds G Blashki and M Delatycki – Epub ahead of print, January 2018. (http://www.futureleaders.com.au/book_chapters/Genes-for-Life/Sylvia-A-Metcalfe.php).

Privacy Concerns for personal Genomic tests

Listen to one of our research Professor Brenda Wilson speaking to Dr. Norman Swan on his ABC radio program Health Report, August, 2017. Listen here

Should I sequence my genes?

Have a listen to this BBC radio 5 live science podcast. One of our co-researchers, Anna Middleton is one of the interviewees, 16th April, 2017



The forum below went to air, Monday 20th February 2017 on ABC RN's Big Ideas program. Take a listen to it here: http://ab.co/2kPQpeg

Free Public event

Our study lead Sylvia Metcalfe is a guest on a panel:
#DNA in medicine. This is a free public event in Melbourne on Wednesday 30th November at 6.30pm.

Organised by Melbourne Genomic Health Alliance. Come along and learn about the issues


Who really owns your genetic information?

One of our researchers, Dr. Jacqueline Savard sits down to talk with Kelly Higgins-Devine at ABC Brisbane for Afternoons on Monday, February 6th 2017, about Who really owns your genetic information?

You can have a listen to the program here:


Australasian Science

Four of our Genioz team members contributed to this special edition of Australasian Science on Personal Genomics (July/August, 2016). See a snapshot here of the articles by Sylvia Metcalfe, Jacqueline Savard, Kathleen Gray and Ainsley Newson (also guest editorial).

The following full articles are available. Click on the title to read:

Ainsley Newson
The Age of Genomics

Ainsley Newson and David Amor Genomic Testing as a Lifetime Health Resource?

Jacqueline Savard
The Ethics of Online Genomics Tests

Sylvia Metcalfe Personal Genomics: What Do Consumers Want?

Navigating the interweb's promise to take us to our ancestors

Two of our team members, Jacqueline Savard and Ainsley Newson, contributed to this article in May 2016:
Genetic testing to help us discover our ancestry is at our fingertips and mouse clicks, but which ones are accurate, and are they ethical?
By Andrea Booth
Source: NITV
Image: Getty images


Human Genetics Society of Australasia - Annual Scientific Meeting, Australia 2018

Chriselle Hickerton and Jacqueline Savard presented:

Working with communities: engaging the public about the decision to pursue personal genomic testing  

2017 Workshop data

Erin Tutty presented:

“A leap of faith”: Exploring personal genomic testing for nutrition and wellness in Australia

Content analysis of websites offering personal genomic testing nutrition and wellness and interview data from Genioz study

European Society of Human Genetics

Jacqueline Savard Presented: 

Working with the public: 'Engaging with consumers about the ethics of and the decision to pursue personal genomic testing.'

2017 Workshop data

World Congress on Genetic Counselling

Sylvia Metcalfe presented: 

Personal Genomic Testing

All four stages of data collection from 2015 - 2017: Focus groups, Survey, Interviews, Deliberative workshops (public forums)

Australian Science Communicators National Conference 2017

Bronwyn Terrill presented:

'The more I know about genetics...' using research to inform language and approaches to genetics and genomics education with the Australian public

Human Genetics Society of Australasia - Annual Scientific Meeting, Australia 2016

Chriselle Hickerton presented:

Perceptions of authenticity and trust:
Information-seeking about personal genomics by the Australian public

2015 Focus group data

13th World Congress of Bioethics, Scotland 2016

Ainsley Newson presented:

No risk, no worries?
An empirical and ethical investigation into Australians' attitudes towards personal genomics.

2015 Focus group data

The European Society of Human Genetics Conference, Barcelona 2016

Sylvia Metcalfe presented:

Exploring Australian public knowledge and understanding of genetic concepts and terminology in the era of personal genomics

2015 Focus group data

The International Congress of Human Genetics, Japan 2016

Bronwyn Terrill presented:

Exploring Australian public knowledge and understanding of DNA, genes and genetic testing in the era of personal genomics

2015 Focus group data